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close up of one of her pieces

We cannot be more excited to host an artist reception for the wonderfully talented designer and
paper artists, 
Nosheen Iqbal. Born in London and now based in Dallas, Noshi creates stunning
wood embroidery by combining an age old techique of threading with vibrant 
pigments against
the natural contrast of wood grain creating a new form of visual arts.

Also, she was very generous and gave us a little sneak peak into her new collection, home, and
studio. Hopefully this pictures reflect just how rich in color and elegant she and her work are.
As usual, we'll have plenty of drinks and eats and hope that everyone can make it out to see
amazing work and to meet the lovely Noshi.

Date: Saturday, September 8th, starting at 6pm
Location: WE ARE 1976 at 1902 N. Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

Wood embroidered jewelry.


Materials and Supplies.

The great light and color in our home.

Snippets of her work.

So multi-talented, she also designs children's clothing.

Her studio.

Examples of her work.

LOVE her chesterfield.

Her warm and generous hospitality.

Fallout Gallery Opening, Friday 9/23

OK, it's been a while since our last gallery opening, but they're back on Friday, Sept 23rd
starting at 7pm for the first show of the season - Fallout Gallery Show! We're really excited
to be showcasing ALL NEW WORK from two very talented illustrators and two amazing


Leah Duncan, print artists and illustrator from Austin

Roger Peters, photographer and videographer from Dallas

Kyle Steed, graphic designer and illustrator from Dallas

Brandon Thibodeaux, photographer from Dallas

As usual, we'll have the drinks and munchies flowing and we hope to celebrate a new
season (and cooler weather) with everyone out here having a good time! So come on
out and get your art and party on!*

* Just a warning, we've been hibernating all summer, so the three of us are mega pumped
about this show, so get ready to get stoopid!

Public School Gallery Opening!

(design by Justin Cox / Public School)

As far as design crushes go, Public School from Austin is kinda on the very top of our list.
Please join us on Saturday, April 16th, from 6-10pm for our opening gallery reception
with Public School!!! This amazingly talented group of graphic designers, illustrators, and
photographers will be traveling up I35 with their new "Varsity" collection.

If you're unfamiliar with Public School, they're a creative studio in the East side of Austin
that "share studio space and ideas..." Make sure to check out their excellent design blog
(that's also showcases their collaborative work). Individually, they all have a really strong
collection of work for some of the coolest clients ever (Chronicle Books, Conde Naste,..).
AND, we can totally vouch for what a cool and super nice group of guys they are.
The three of us are beyond excited to be hosting their first ever Dallas Show.

Public School:
Casey Dunn
Cody Haltom
Jay B Sauceda
Justin Cox
Matthew Genitempo
Shaun Lind
Will Bryant

As usual, we'll have plenty to drink and eat. ShopDad is gonna be bringing the grill
back to the shop. So get down here! After the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market, get down
here early because from 4:30-6pm, Paul Windle from Winners! Press will be bringing
his zinery= magic back. You'll get a chance to have a look at some fun creative zines
from his collection and we'll have tables set up so you'll be able to make your own zine.
So come out, and get creative, support some of Texas's best designers, and check out
their amazing new design work!

(small collection of work from Public School)

(and thank you Shannon from Oil and Cotton for introducing us to these guys!)

f. is for frank trunk show

part of f is for frank's new collection - handcast pewter with a basket weave texture

Save the date, friends! Please join us on Thursday, March 10th for our first trunk show of
2011 for jewelry makers and metal workers f. is for frank as they launch a couple of new
collections! We just got a sneak peak of their work in progress and it's really exciting to
see how their line has evolved, yet stay true to the beautiful quality and nostalgia, which
is what they are known for.

f. is for frank started five years ago between friends Shannah Frank and Casey Melton.
Their studio is in the Design District where every handmade piece is designed, sculpted
and cast. Working mainly with pewter, Shannah and Casey create gorgeous jewelry,
accessories, and sculptures. Dallas is seriously lucky to have them.

We're gonna set up the trunk show on our gallery wall and, you'll also be able to check
out both their brand new and past collections. So, make sure you come out to support
these two amazing ladies. As usual, we'll have some good food and drink.

EVENT:   f. is for frank TRUNK SHOW
DATE:    Thursday, March 10th (starts at 6pm)

bangles and other pieces from their previous seasons


We're all ready and set up! Don't forget to drop by tonight to check out our gallery opening
for  Lisa Chow and Jason Cohen! Drinks and food is on the way and party starts at 6pm.
See ya here! (Click here for more details...)

Jason Cohen (of Dallas!!!) & Lisa Chow (of Houston!!!) Gallery Reception - February 5th!!!

Get ready for Saturday, February 5th! We have our first gallery opening of 2011! We're
really excited about this one. It's gonna be Superbowl weekend so Dallas is gonna have
a really nice energy and we hope you can make it out to support two amazing Texas artist!
So proud to get to host the work of TWO talented artist and illustrators. Jason Cohen is
from the superb Curioisites in East Dallas (founder of Forbidden Books and Video and
Forbidden Gallery). AND Houston artist Lisa Chow will be here too! This is the first time
we're hosting someone outside of Dallas and Lisa's illustrations have been one of the
most popular items in our shop so we're really happy about this show! Although their work
is very different, they share similar elements of being slightly wierd and sooo sweet at the
same time. We thought this was a perfect pairing!

About the artists:

Jason Cohen Raised in Richardson Texas with wa BA in fine art from UNT, has kept a active
sketch book since the age of 14. For the last 20 years, he has been successfully providing
fringe retail for the DFW area with Forbidden Books, Forbidden Video, Forbidden Gallery
&, currently Curiosities Antiques. When not out hunting for exotic antiques across Texas
you can find him having light saber battles with his son, tea parties with his daughter,
out in the garden helping his wife Plant exotic succulent cacti, or painting weird pictures
in his studio.

Lisa Chow is a Houston based artist, make believer & story teller. Armed with an overly
active imagination, a BBA from The UT Austin & self-taught skills, her work is whimsical,
delicate, surreal & strange. Drawing inspiration from crowded cities, fairy tales & bygone
years, she transports viewers to foreign lands that still feel oddly like home.

The reception starts at 6pm on Saturday February 5th. We'll have live music and,
as usual, we'll have plenty of food and drinks! Hope to see you here!

peek at Jason Cohen's work.

Lisa Chow's work in progress!

Bret Sano Photography Gallery Show - December 16th!!!!

We are super excited to have our second photography gallery opening! We hope that you
can join us in Thursday, December 16th from 6pm to 10pm for Bret Sano's first photography
show – Almost 6 Photographie, a "curious, weird, beautiful little collection of found still
life he has shot."

About Bret Sano / Photographer and Designer

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Bret studied visual communications in Dallas where he
began his career in graphic and advertising design. After learning his trade with stints at
several boutique design firms his work began to garner regional awards and appear in
national design annuals like Print, HOW and Graphis. Bret's creative interests began to
expand into other visual mediums like photography, interactive and motion design.
In 2008 he and two partners formed design agency, Caliber Creative, and it was around
this time Bret taught himself photography.

Coming from a creative art direction background gives Bret's photo work a different
perspective and unique style. This can be seen in his artful compositions and alternative
color processes. Another hallmark of Bret's photography is his use of shallow depth of field
which is at once emotional, ethereal and sometimes surreal.

"I love trying to strike a balance between a fine art print and an editorial shot while injecting
of emotion and mood. Sometimes it's about what is NOT seen and NOT in focus that really
connects with the soul."

In addition to design and photography Bret teaches at a local community college and
continues to donate his time with design organizations. He lives in Dallas with his wife
and their four dogs. Bret also works as a freelance photographer for the Dallas Morning
fashion publication FD Luxe.

Almost 6 is a collective of curious and bizarre found still lifes from from the travels and
perspective of Bret Sano who is 5'10." The idea is that you almost saw what happened,
you can almost fabricate how it got there, and who was involved. But ultimately the story
is the viewer's to interpret.

One Year Anniversary Party !!! Friday, December 3rd !!!!

SAVE THE DATE, FRIENDS! We really hope that you can all join us to celebrate our
One Year Anniversary Party on Friday, 3rd December, 2010. This has been a freakin'
unbelievable year and the three of us are so grateful for the support and amazing
encouragement from the community. We are beyond lucky to have such good friends
to our small shop.

To celebrate, we invite you all to a night of all new releases of limited-edition prints
and work from our good friends Bee Things, Dowdy Studio, Fur Face Boy, Studio 204,
Holding Pattern, William Binnie & Tamara Coleman, and our awesome neighbors
Bows & Arrows*! We've enjoyed working with these guys this year and are so honoured
that they are all doing a special piece to mark this occasion. We'll also be releasing
a new WE ARE 1976 product which is in collaboration with Canadian design rock star

Party starts at 6 and as usual, we'll have lots of adult beverages and delicious eats!!!

* And, the very next week, on Saturday, December 11th, Alicia and Adam of the freakin'
coooool Bows & Arrows will be celebrating their One Year Anniversary! We may have
heard a little something something about cake...