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Happy America Day

ShopDad at the excellent LBJ Presidential Library.

This Monday we had an amazing opportunity to go down to Austin. No matter what your point of view is, as second generation American, we feel unbelievably fortunate and appreciative to be here and to be able to voice our opinions freely. Later, we had a chance to visit the superb LBJ Presidential Library. We had an especially poignant moment when we walked through exhibit highlighting LBJ's contribution to The Civil Right's Movement. Our Dad pointed specifically to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, without which he would never have been able to immigrate to America in 1967. It was a pretty powerful moment for all of us. Happy Fourth of July. 

Texas State Capital.

Circus Party Recap


Thank you everybody that came out for our Wild Ass Circus Show! We were really proud to have such special and beautiful collection of vintage prints and toys at our shop. And, as usual, it was such a pleasure to work with Jason!

So many posters and figurines.

Always so grateful for everyone that came out.

Brent..Brent.. Brent.. Brent.. Brent..

So much details on the models.

Our crew hustling and getting ready. Clockwise from top left: Cliffy, Neeners, Lacie, and Josh.

Front window and letterpress flyers.

And... the crazy ass music...

Wild Ass Circus Show Saturday Night

New event poster!

Just a quick reminder about tomorrow night's WILD ASS CIRCUS PARTY at Hendo! Hope everyone will come out, we have an amazing collection of vintage circus posters, all beautifully curated from Jason Cohen of Curiosities. Here's a quick little sneak peak!

Just a note, our Henderson shop will be closed from 4:30-7pm as we get ready for the show. (But, La Bish, our shop in the Bishop Arts will be open regular hours.) We'll be picking up a keg of Dallas Blonde and Deep Ellum IPA from
Deep Ellum Brewery, ShopDad will be manning the carnival foods, we'll set up a photowall.. the works. It's been a long time since our last party, so we're making this one big! 


40 Winks. Loved staying here.

Just a few pics from a very quick trip to London this Memorial Day weekend for a friend's wedding. 

Amazing sunday lunch at Corner Room Restaurant.

Gorgeous wedding at The Orangery in Holland Park.

Amazing bike culture. So impressed by the city's cycle for hire program.

Sunday on Columbia Road. Seriously, one of the best things to do in London.

Island Queen. Fantastic pub in Islington.

Amazing accommodations at 40 Winks.

Lunch at wonderful St John's Bread and Wine. Best madeleines. Ever. Order them and they bake them right away for you!

Poking around The Townhall Hotel.

Bethnal Green Park. Love how everyone just enjoys the public spaces.

Great stationery shop. Bit of a shop crush.

Columbia Flower Market.

LOVE this place. Great sign. AWESOME print shop.

Smurf house at Holland Park.

Save the Date! Life Is A Circus Gallery Reception on June 15th!

Two ring and one square fence circus!

Save the date folks! It's been a good long while, so we're mega excited to be hosting a gallery reception with our friend, Jason Cohen of  Curiosities, on Saturday, June 15th at our Henderson location!!! We'll be showing an unbelievable collection of vintage hand-printed stone-litho, screenprints, and engraved wood blocks circus prints. Pretty much the daddy of show and concert posters! In addition, we'll also have an awesome collection of circus memorabilia to accompany the prints, all from the Dr. William Edward Hooper's personal collection. Since it's been a while, you can of course count on some delicious beverages, foods, and musics. And, we're gonna have some new Circus themed posters from Brandon Griswold, Jeremy Hughes, and more! We'll have more details as the date gets closer! Summer party!


2013 Summer Printmaking Schedule

Hi! Here's our 2013 Summer Letterpress Workshop Schedule. Please feel free to contact us at info[at] if you have any questions!

Class: Personal Greeting Card Letterpress Workshop
Date: Wednesday, June 26th, 6:30pm
Code: 1976WORKSHOP018
Cost: $125
Size: 3 people
Descp: Print 20 one-color notecards... (for more info and to register...) 

Class: Typesetting Poster Letterpress Workshop
Date: Thurs, June 27th, 6:30pm
Code: 1976WORKSHOP017 
Cost: $180
Size: 2 people
Descp: Print an edition of 20 11"x17" posters... (for more info and to register...)

Class: Typesetting Poster Letterpress Workshop
Date: Thurs, July 11th, 6:30pm
Code: 1976WORKSHOP019
Cost: $180
Size: 2 people
Descp: Print an edition of 20 11"x17" posters... (for more info and to register...)

Class: Personal Greeting Card Letterpress Workshop
Date: Wednesday, July 24th, 6:30
Code: 1976WORKSHOP020
Cost: $125
Size: 3 people
Descp: Print 20 one-color notecards... (for more info and to register...)

Class: Typesetting Poster Letterpress Workshop
Date: Thursday, July 25th, 6:30pm
Code: 1976WORKSHOP021
Cost: $180
Size: 2 people
Descp: Print an edition of 20 11"x17" posters... (for more info and to register...)

Clockwork Letterpress Prints

Clockwork Turq and Cuckoo Guts

Would love to actually cover an entire wall with real Cuckoo Clocks one day! In the meantime, here are some snaps of our latest poster we illustrated and letterpress printed in our shop.  We have them in different colors, as a set, or individually.

Detail 001

Detail 002

Detail 003

Detail 004

Don't Mess With Oak Cliff Print


We've been getting a lot of inquiries on how the poster typesetting workshop works. Here's a step-by-step explanation of what we do during this workshop (more examples of our workshops here and here).  Also, want to thank Michael for being such an awesome student. It was super fun to make this print. There's nothing cooler than helping someone create something they've been thinking of.

01. Workshop runs the smoothest when you have an idea of what you want to say on your poster. Once we know that, we can help you pick the best type. Then we go through the process of setting your form and registering your paper. 

02. Next we mix the ink.

03. Using a brayer, we hand ink the form.

04. Then we start printing.

05. and print an edition of 20.

06. Then we let it dry overnight.